Monday, 2 September 2013

Waiting and Watching

empty canalIt was sunny again today. I got down passed the docks to wear the canal is. I sat for a while hoping a narrow boat would come chugging along so I could take a picture but nothing came.

A friend from church came passed on his bike on his way home and stopped to say hello, I felt a bit daft when I told him I was waiting, but it was an enjoyable wait, with the sun on my face. He smiled and asked if I thought of taking up fishing.

I guess it's okay to share the 'nothings' with friends because that's how life is. The reality is, it's not jam-packed with exciting 'somethings' all the time.

There is no music without any rests.

Perhaps the 'nothings' in life, as we see them then are just as important as the 'somethings'....
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