Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stackpole walk, fish and chips and final board game!

We do this walk every year, we love it, it involves, woodlands, water and a lovely sandy beach at the end where we have our picnic. It's lovely to be near nature.

I had a very unsuccessful game of Pooh sticks with my little nephew though, I couldn't see any sticks so I suggested playing 'pooh leaves' instead. We both chose a leaf and after a the wind had died down and stopped blowing our leaves back up they floated down to the water, rushing to the other side we waited and waited for our leaves to appear, but the didn't. Then my mum who had walked on a bit said "Ceri, if you come down here, you'll see why your game isn't working". There were walls under the bridge stopping the water from going through.

I guess that's why when you feel stuck in life it's good to ask a friend how they see things from their perspective

We then went to a coffee shop for coffee and cake - the boys had spider cup cakes! Took a stroll outside. It was the only mild day so we made the most of it!

Then we had enough daylight left to go and see St. Govans chapel a very old church nestling in the cliffs on a rugged beach. Quite a few steps down, about 99! but such an aura when you arrive in the Chapel itself and the view from the little window is awesome.

Photos of St Govan's Chapel, Pembrokeshire

Photos of St Govan's Chapel, Pembrokeshire

My littlest nephew and I lay down and found funny faces in the rocks, whilst the eldest braved it and walked right down to the sea which was crashing against the rocks with his dad keeping a close eye..

Then it was back for fish and chip takeaway, a final game of Chinese Cludo with Mrs Wash Hee and Mr. Poo Ding!

Then time to make a start on packing. Already?!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Walk, a Scoot and a Rolling Stone!

My sister very kindly did some research on Google to find accessible walks. We found one we all fancied walking along the cliffs at St.Brides, some  great views. The walk said 'for adventure scooters' - mine isn't an adventure scooter it's a didi little thing but we decided to go for it knowing I  could walk any tricky bits and my scooter is light enough to be pulled. Oops .. but I hit a large stone on the floor!

Soft landing and gave my nephews much amusement so I didn't mind, if I can make someone laugh or smile, it's been a good day!

There was a bit of a beach at  the end where the boys enjoyed playing in their wellies whilst us oldies drank hot chocolate and ate biscuits! I love watching the boys play on the beach, helps me take in and wonder
about the simplicity and yet the underlying awesomeness of God's creation.

We watched another film with the boys this evening, Spiderwick, lots of Ogres and the like, all good fun!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Porridge, visitors, beaches and the cave!

Christmas music was playing whilst the porridge is being made, but that's my family hey! My brother-in-law makes the porridge every morning, what a star! Will include a photo later if I find one.

Meanwhile I'm still captured by a wooden sign on my bedroom wall.

I like it! Was great to have my brother-in-law's family with us today, Sian made an amazing corned beef pie for lunch then off we all went down to the beaches in the freezing cold again!

Then tonight ... we did it again, at the boys request! We went 'down the cave'!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Seal pup!

Today we ventured to go and see some seal pups. It was freezing cold but after a picnic in the car we braved the elements and ventured down to a cove by the sea. Brilliant photography Sian!

Had a great sighting of little fellas like these. Interesting how they look so free swimming on their backs yet when they are climbing over rocks it all looks quite a struggle for them. Life's a bit like that,m sometimes we need to struggle feeling very undignified and at other times we swim happily and gracefully.

Then we returned to the lovely warm holiday home and went 'Down the cave' as we all affectionately call the game! Good job we have a good living area!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

GeoCaching, Roast dinner and greek mythology!

Today we took a wander down to the various beaches nearby, we went to Little Haven and went Geocaching. It was a tricky one this one!

Then we went on to Broad Haven and warmed up in a cafe drinking coffee and hot chocolate. Then we tried the next beach along but the winds were so strong, sand was blowing into our faces before we even reached the beach, at one point I had to close my eyes. There are severe weather warnings in the media about a severe storm coming... maybe it's hitting us first.

Was lovely to come home to a home cooked roast, well done mum and Sian! .... (Aunty Ceri tries to stay on children watch when this is all going on!)

This evening I was introduced to the Percy Jackson - my eldest nephew loves the books, all to do with this kid who's half god and half boy - we watched a film based on a book. Good to be introduced to stuff I wouldn't choose myself. I can understand the attraction of greek mythology fantasy ... pretty harmless, enjoyed all the monsters and seeing the boys enjoying being a bit scared, half hiding behind a pillow!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Rattling Windows and games

Well, I didn't get a good night sleep last night, it was so windy, both my windows were rattling! Nevermind, had a nice lie in. There's WIFI in the holiday home so I downloaded the album 'Best of' by the Proclaimers, having recently gone to see the film of the musical Sunshine On Leith. I'd forgotten how good their songs are - uplifting too!

I spent much of the morning with my youngest (7 yr old) nephew, teaching him how to play scrabble on my iPad. He loves my iPad and he loves words so it was win win ... well until he started losing, he doesn't like losing! It was funny he asked me when the game would finish. "When there's no more letters in the .... 'bag'" ... I suddenly realised if he'd never played the physical version of the game he wouldn't know the letters were tiles in a bag. Weird thing when you introduce a child to the virtual before the real... It's important to play stuff you can do together though.

I stayed and had a warm quiet afternoon while the others went walking and picnicking - was feeling very sleepy.

Played a daft board game tonight ... 'Mysteries of Chinatown' or 'Chinese Cludo' the boys call it, daft but fun!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Holiday time

Been an exhausting busy week so I'm very relieved annual family holiday in a large house in Pembrokeshire.

Think I'll be catching up on lots of sleep though, so this big comfy bed replacing the twin beds was a very welcome sight!


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Just tired and loving Adrian Plass

I realise my last postS were much  focussed on feeling 'under the weather', I am lots better now but I am still a bit tired due to a rather long to-do list before I go on holiday and frustration of having to cancel a few things, like a day in  Oxford to catch up with some lovely friends.

I have a deadline looming as to launching a website for a new charity funded by the local Council, but I can't complain too much it's great to have this work and is going to feel quite an achievement when done.

Last night I went to see Adrian Plass, he is a Christian speaker who makes people laugh not just at him but at themselves, scraping away at the superficial 'Christian' pretences, jargon and protocols to help us face up to the reality of who we are and feel able and privileged to come as we are to God with our masks taken off.

Sometimes as Christians we have become so good at beating around the bush and avoiding the sometimes painful realities that plague us as individuals. This hampers our love to go to any depth. Sometimes instead of seeking to understand someone we are quick to judge and that must really break God's heart.

As the song goes "Everyone is searching for intimacy." .... the trouble is it comes at a cost and at a risk. Perhaps the best place to start is to seek to be a safe, non-judgemental, loving listening ear for someone you care about. Then we might dare to let someone else be a safe place for us.

Jesus wants us to do our best follow him but he understands we fail and I think he wants us to talk to him honestly about how we feel about our failings and doubts, ask for his forgiveness and help to try again. "Keep it real" as a young student friend of mine recently said to me.