Sunday, 27 October 2013

GeoCaching, Roast dinner and greek mythology!

Today we took a wander down to the various beaches nearby, we went to Little Haven and went Geocaching. It was a tricky one this one!

Then we went on to Broad Haven and warmed up in a cafe drinking coffee and hot chocolate. Then we tried the next beach along but the winds were so strong, sand was blowing into our faces before we even reached the beach, at one point I had to close my eyes. There are severe weather warnings in the media about a severe storm coming... maybe it's hitting us first.

Was lovely to come home to a home cooked roast, well done mum and Sian! .... (Aunty Ceri tries to stay on children watch when this is all going on!)

This evening I was introduced to the Percy Jackson - my eldest nephew loves the books, all to do with this kid who's half god and half boy - we watched a film based on a book. Good to be introduced to stuff I wouldn't choose myself. I can understand the attraction of greek mythology fantasy ... pretty harmless, enjoyed all the monsters and seeing the boys enjoying being a bit scared, half hiding behind a pillow!

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