Saturday, 26 October 2013

Rattling Windows and games

Well, I didn't get a good night sleep last night, it was so windy, both my windows were rattling! Nevermind, had a nice lie in. There's WIFI in the holiday home so I downloaded the album 'Best of' by the Proclaimers, having recently gone to see the film of the musical Sunshine On Leith. I'd forgotten how good their songs are - uplifting too!

I spent much of the morning with my youngest (7 yr old) nephew, teaching him how to play scrabble on my iPad. He loves my iPad and he loves words so it was win win ... well until he started losing, he doesn't like losing! It was funny he asked me when the game would finish. "When there's no more letters in the .... 'bag'" ... I suddenly realised if he'd never played the physical version of the game he wouldn't know the letters were tiles in a bag. Weird thing when you introduce a child to the virtual before the real... It's important to play stuff you can do together though.

I stayed and had a warm quiet afternoon while the others went walking and picnicking - was feeling very sleepy.

Played a daft board game tonight ... 'Mysteries of Chinatown' or 'Chinese Cludo' the boys call it, daft but fun!

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