Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Walk, a Scoot and a Rolling Stone!

My sister very kindly did some research on Google to find accessible walks. We found one we all fancied walking along the cliffs at St.Brides, some  great views. The walk said 'for adventure scooters' - mine isn't an adventure scooter it's a didi little thing but we decided to go for it knowing I  could walk any tricky bits and my scooter is light enough to be pulled. Oops .. but I hit a large stone on the floor!

Soft landing and gave my nephews much amusement so I didn't mind, if I can make someone laugh or smile, it's been a good day!

There was a bit of a beach at  the end where the boys enjoyed playing in their wellies whilst us oldies drank hot chocolate and ate biscuits! I love watching the boys play on the beach, helps me take in and wonder
about the simplicity and yet the underlying awesomeness of God's creation.

We watched another film with the boys this evening, Spiderwick, lots of Ogres and the like, all good fun!

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