Sunday, 20 October 2013

Just tired and loving Adrian Plass

I realise my last postS were much  focussed on feeling 'under the weather', I am lots better now but I am still a bit tired due to a rather long to-do list before I go on holiday and frustration of having to cancel a few things, like a day in  Oxford to catch up with some lovely friends.

I have a deadline looming as to launching a website for a new charity funded by the local Council, but I can't complain too much it's great to have this work and is going to feel quite an achievement when done.

Last night I went to see Adrian Plass, he is a Christian speaker who makes people laugh not just at him but at themselves, scraping away at the superficial 'Christian' pretences, jargon and protocols to help us face up to the reality of who we are and feel able and privileged to come as we are to God with our masks taken off.

Sometimes as Christians we have become so good at beating around the bush and avoiding the sometimes painful realities that plague us as individuals. This hampers our love to go to any depth. Sometimes instead of seeking to understand someone we are quick to judge and that must really break God's heart.

As the song goes "Everyone is searching for intimacy." .... the trouble is it comes at a cost and at a risk. Perhaps the best place to start is to seek to be a safe, non-judgemental, loving listening ear for someone you care about. Then we might dare to let someone else be a safe place for us.

Jesus wants us to do our best follow him but he understands we fail and I think he wants us to talk to him honestly about how we feel about our failings and doubts, ask for his forgiveness and help to try again. "Keep it real" as a young student friend of mine recently said to me.

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