Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stackpole walk, fish and chips and final board game!

We do this walk every year, we love it, it involves, woodlands, water and a lovely sandy beach at the end where we have our picnic. It's lovely to be near nature.

I had a very unsuccessful game of Pooh sticks with my little nephew though, I couldn't see any sticks so I suggested playing 'pooh leaves' instead. We both chose a leaf and after a the wind had died down and stopped blowing our leaves back up they floated down to the water, rushing to the other side we waited and waited for our leaves to appear, but the didn't. Then my mum who had walked on a bit said "Ceri, if you come down here, you'll see why your game isn't working". There were walls under the bridge stopping the water from going through.

I guess that's why when you feel stuck in life it's good to ask a friend how they see things from their perspective

We then went to a coffee shop for coffee and cake - the boys had spider cup cakes! Took a stroll outside. It was the only mild day so we made the most of it!

Then we had enough daylight left to go and see St. Govans chapel a very old church nestling in the cliffs on a rugged beach. Quite a few steps down, about 99! but such an aura when you arrive in the Chapel itself and the view from the little window is awesome.

Photos of St Govan's Chapel, Pembrokeshire

Photos of St Govan's Chapel, Pembrokeshire

My littlest nephew and I lay down and found funny faces in the rocks, whilst the eldest braved it and walked right down to the sea which was crashing against the rocks with his dad keeping a close eye..

Then it was back for fish and chip takeaway, a final game of Chinese Cludo with Mrs Wash Hee and Mr. Poo Ding!

Then time to make a start on packing. Already?!


  1. My friends had a wedding blessing there - I didn't go but amazing pictures (especially of bride in lovely dress and walking boots going down the steps before changing in to posh shoes at the chapel). Sounds like a good holiday x

  2. Wow, I imagine that was beautiful. Yes it was a good holiday - thanks.
    "thanks for noticing me" Eyore