Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Sulk

I told the cat off today for being naughty, he went off in a sulk. He curled up in a ball, face to the wall, shut his eyes and refused to come out. Even when one of my best friends (who also happens to be one of his too) came round, he stayed put.
"Where's Cookie?" she asked, as he always races up to her and jumps on her lap to greet her.
"We've had a row." I laughed. "It's very teenage like behaviour!"
"Come on out Cookie, it's all forgotten about now"" I called out in a high cheery voice.
No response.
About an hour later he still hadn't moved an inch from his sulking spot. I picked up my bag to the go out to the shops (quickly checking in to see he was still breathing!)

When I returned, all was back to normal and he gave me his usual greeting of jumping on my lap and kneeding my stomach with his paws.

You daft old cat Cookie ... How I wish you'd known I forgave you 2 seconds after I'd shouted at you .. which was the very moment I'm sure you said sorry in your own feline way!

“It looks like a bothering sort of day.” 
 A.A. Milne

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