Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Back with Cookie

Had another very lazy day, we got up about 11am to have breakfast then watched a few old dramas on TV, read a bit, wrote a few emails. Had lunch, packed and then in came my sister with my two nephews and kindly took us to the station.

Good train ride back. Had a very enthusiastic welcome from the cat who my friend's son kindly fed while I was away. He couldn't wait for me to sit down so that he could jump on top of me!

It is lovely to be missed, to have someone waiting for you at home, even if it is a cat.

Christopher Robin: You're next, Tigger. Jump! 

Tigger: Er, jump? Tiggers don't jump. They bounce. 

Winnie the Pooh: Then bounce down. 
Tigger: Don't be "ridiccorous". Tiggers only bounce up! 

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