Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A Strange Anniversary

This day last year I walked into the office all geared up for what I thought was going to be an exciting staff meeting, marking the end of holiday mode and making plans for the new year ahead.

I couldn't have been more wrong. It turned out it was not a staff meeting and I was told in so many words, I was no longer needed. It hurt. Something to do with restructuring the organisation.

A year later I'm still looking for a bit of  'out of the house'  work. Somewhere where that I can make a positive difference in an office. Being with hard working people who like team work, fun and a good brainstorm.

I struggle with working at home all the time - it can be very isolating and it eats away at my 'social' confidence a bit. Having said that  I have been learning a few coping strategies, like to just get out as soon as I feel the walls caving in on me, to a coffee shop or park, anywhere that helps me feel a bit less like lonely.

Today I've been trying to take my mind off all the bad stuff by thinking of all the good things about working and studying from home and it kind of helped. I've listed a few:
  • You can take your pets to work with you!  A cat's vocabulary may be limited to a 'meow' but at least it's always a friendly happy sounding voice. My cat has recently taken to lying on the bed in my study while I work which is lovely and when I;'ve spent a  while at my computer he'll meow for my attention, even if it means sitting on my desk in front of the monitor!
  • You won't be misunderstood as being disorganised by a messy desk. Us creative sorts can find a clear desk ... well, in my opinion,  so uninspiring.
  • You can meet up with friends for coffee, cuddle their babies and help them keep sane by engaging in a bit of adult company and generally be around for stay at home mums.
  • You don't need to organise holidays with your colleagues.
  • You can wear comfy jeans and no need for shoes.
  • You choose where you have your desk and you're not in danger of drawing the short straw and having to look at the wall.
  • You get to use your own loo!
  • You can play music!
cat in my study
My Boss
He's a laid back dude!

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