Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Neighbours, Connections, fireworks

It's funny how us Brits find it difficult to befriend our neighbours. Some of them are difficult as much as to say hello to. However one of mine has always been friendly, greeting me with a hello as we passed eachother.

My friend who works in the children's centre occassionally got to know her and a few week's ago we went to visit her in her new home as she moved a few months ago., Since she moved we became friends on Facebook and started to strike up a friendship. Whatever people say about Facebook it is a really powerful tool for connecting with people if used in the right way.

Anyway this morning she bought her one year old son up to see the cat and we had a really lovely time together. She has a cat too. It's funny how a cat can connect you with people too, get a conversation started.

Firework night tonight ... poor Cookie was so frightened. I found him under the bed!

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